Friday, May 11, 2012

Definition of a Son ...(by José Saramago)

Son is a being that God gave us to do a crash course in how to love someone other than ourselves, changing our worst faults to give the best examples and how they learn to have courage.
Yes, that's it! Being a mother is the greatest act of courage that anyone can have, because it is exposed to tdo type of pain, mainly from the uncertainty of acting correctly and fear of perderr something so beloved.
Lose, how? Not ours?
It was only a loan .... the MOST PRECIOUS AND WONDERFUL LOAN ...
God always bless our children ... for us and blessed us with them.


  1. Please remove the mention of god. The author was an atheist and the correct translation is "someone" not god.

  2. This not a good translation at all. It doesen't reflect what the author meant to say on its original. It seems like you used some kind of internet translator to do it. This not what he meant to say when he originally wrote it.